Apple TV Question


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I have an i phone and an i pad, i have never owned a mac or laptop from apple.

I have been extremely impressed with the apple products that i do have but, so as i plan a TV upgrade i'm seriously considering going down the apple TV route. I though best to find out as much information as possible before committing.

Can people give me any positive or negative experiences from owning or having any knowledge on the apple TV. I also know of the apple box but know very little about it any comments on this?????

Thank you in advance

Mark Leroy, Saltcoats, CA


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At the moment Apple doesn't make a TV only the Apple TV streamer box, which is good if you want to use iTunes or have an Apple computer, but otherwise it's quite limited (as in limited to the Apple universe and not much else). I tend to be a Roku fanboy myself. Roku's limitation is that it doesn't have a native YouTube channel.
Apple TV is somewhat of a misleading title, because it isn't an actual tv, it is a streaming media player box. I had one and I did get a lot of use out of it. I did love the fact that I could play my I-Tunes library through my TV and I could watch any media that I had downloaded through I-Tunes on my tv. Other than that, it can be somewhat limited. If you love Apple or are a techie, I could see you getting some real value out of it.


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I have a 3rd gen Apple TV that I bought last year, but rarely use it other than to mirror my iPhone and iPad. If I cancelled DirecTV, I'd prob use it a lot more though.