Apple TV vs Roku 2 XD For Internet TV

Whether you're looking to cut the cord or supplement your cable or satellite TV package, there's no doubt that both the Apple TV and Roku 2 XD offer an excellent way to bring the internet and additional programming to your television set.

Choosing the right streaming-media box boils down to what a user prefers to do.

Apple TV vs Roku 2 XD: Content

Winner: Apple TV (If price of content isn't factored into equation)

In terms of the amount of content offered including television shows and movies, both devices offer a fair amount.

The Apple TV provides access to the library of content in iTunes, provided on a rental or purchase per each item basis.

There is a huge caveat however, and that is: what your willing to pay for content after the initial purchase of a streaming device.

The Roku 2 offers much more free content, both live and on-demand, so if your idea

Apple TV vs Roku 2 XD: Inputs and Connections

Winner: Tie

Both devices offer wi-fi conenctions, hdmi inputs, and