Apply for coupons but never received them

I apply for 2 coupons back in Fall of 2008 for my father, he never received the coupons. I have check through the web site and its said that the coupons have being deactivated. I have try to call 1-888-388-2001 and try to explain the situation but the operator just hang up the phone. I try to re-apply through the web site, but was denied since the household has been approved. Contact the again 1-888 I was told that they only process applications refer me to the web site again which refers you back to the 1-888. This is being going one for months is very frustrating. Is there a live person that we can speak who I can explain my situation and get the coupons for my father who is a senior citizen on a fix income. If any one knows a number or a web site can you please me provide me the information I would really appreciated. Thank you.