April Fools Day Spoof on AM Radio

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I live in Seattle, Washington and the region has been has been saturated with two months of record rainfall but also saturated for at least two years by a radio commercial carried on many stations that has run its course, but the commercial has not been retired and it has become very annoying to listeners. It promotes a 501 C-3 Charity for kids: Kars For Kids dot org which is a legitimate charity and here's a link to it:
Car Donation - Donate Car to Kars4Kids

The aging commercial is still being run all day long on many local radio stations, so if you listen to radio you cannot escape hearing it because it is repeated as often as four times per broadcast hour.

It features a young child and an adult who sings the contact phone number over and over. "One eight seven seven kars for kids, k a r s - kars for kids, one eight seven seven kars for kids, donate your car today". This 'sing-song' commercial was 'cute' two years ago but I wish they would retire it before the child graduates from middle school. Enough is enough, please give us a break!

Someone at KTTH-770 AM apparently agrees with me because around 7 AM this morning while drinking my first cup of coffee I heard the same commercial 'reversed' with a different child singing it.

The KTTH version goes like this: "One eight five five kids for cars, k i d s kids for cars, one eight five five kids for cars, donate your kids today". I was half asleep, but that woke me up!

Happy April Fools Day to everyone!