Are all consumers eligible for the coupon program?


I have heard about people being denied coupons. So why does the request site that all households in the U.S. are eligible while supplies last. It further goes on to say that not all household are eligible because if you have cable TV, satellite or other pay services you are not eligible for the coupons. Why are they contradicting themselves? Why are they making them not available to all? What happens if someone who has cable now, cannot afford it later? They are then just out of luck or have to purchase on their own.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
This is the first I have heard about not everyone being eligible. To mention because they have cable TV or other services they cannot get the discount. Wow that is really all I can say.


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wow I cannot see how they would not let you be eligible. Like what the other person said, what if they cannot have cable down the road. I guess they would just have to pay full cost.
po boxes are not eligible to receive the coupons you must have a street address there is a statement that they will make some exceptions for group homes and community's that have the same address.:)


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Wow that is crazy, I think it is a way for the government to keep tabs on people. In all honesty anyone who does not agree that this is what they want you to do so they know where you are. Big brother is watching.