Are Comcast Digital Converter Boxes Different From DTV Converter Boxes?


Carol Cox

Comcast is not forcing me to rent the Digital Adapter that’s the same as the one the government gave coupons for. I was told by Comcast agent that they were exactly the same. I could have gotten the coupons, bought the converts and saved myself some money now that I was laid off. I think they are just trying to get money from us. They told us we didn’t need the boxes because the cable would take care of it, they waited until the coupon program ran out and they hit us with rental because now we need the boxes. I think Comcast shouldn’t get a way with that.


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No, what the Comcast agent told you is incorrect. The digital converter boxes that the government provided "coupons" for were for free wireless digital television not cable of any kind. The cable company's DTA has a QAM tuner in it, the free digital TV converter boxes have ATSC (8VSB) tuners in them. It may be a good idea to look into getting free (over the air) digital television. That way you could tell Comcast to shove it. If you live in most areas all you need to receive crystal clear free TV with no monthly fees is a converter box or digital television and the appropriate antenna. If you want to know more, please ask.

On the other hand there are devices that you can buy that have QAM tuners in them. I'm not sure if they will receive all of the channels the Comcast DTA will.
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