Are stations still upping broadcast power?

I have a pretty good rooftop antenna and I'm still getting spotty reception. Added a rotor last month too, but during cloudy days I still get some bad reception. Anyone know if any stations in the Los Angeles, CA area plan on upping broadcast power or jumping frequencies? Thanks.



I have no specific knowledge of the LA market, but I suspect that most if not all of the network affiliates there were done tweaking transmitters and antennas -- or at least they were before that wildfire swept up the face of Mount Wilson. Smoke isn't terribly good for reception, either, so if your problems are recent (as in this week), the fires may well be the culprit.

If it's not the fires and you're certain your antenna was designed to receive both VHF and UHF signals -- channels 2-69 -- try performing a "memory erase re-scan" on each tuner. Digital broadcasts can, and frequently do, occur on channel assignments other than what's displayed on the screen, and several LA broadcasts shifted around the dial at the transition. Some tuners have a hard time "letting go" of defunct channel assignments they'd previously memorized.

If that doesn't help, check all cables, connections and equipment -- antenna, downlead coax, amplifier, etc. -- for damage, corrosion or wear. For example, downlead cables outdoors age quickly, and yours might need replacing. You'd be surprised at how often coax replacement clears up poor reception!

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