Are there any good movies on Netflix?


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Are there any decent movies on Netflix or are they mostly old ones?
There are some new movies (Hunger Games just went online not long ago) and Netflix just made some deals with Disney, Epix, and others. No, you won't get new releases as soon as they are available on DVD. But Netflix has a lot of good newer stuff.

Why don't you take a free trial and find out?

(Just because a movie is old doesn't make it a bad movie, ya know!)


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Amazon instant video seems to have a lot of new releases. I canceled my netflix and watch more Amazon now. I don't have to pay extra for it since I have a prime membership, but not all the free movies are on prime.
There are a lot of good classics you can catch up on. I know Fargo's been featured recently and I know too many people who haven't seen it yet. (You should watch it if you haven't.)


I actually have no idea, and I have Netflix myself. But mostly use it for tv shows and kid shows(When they are allowed to watch tv). But you might be able to go to there site on the internet and find out.
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