Are Wireless Speakers Any Good?


We're moving into our house next month that has a brick wall in the family room where I'm going to put the TV. Kind of makes hiding wires difficult, so I'm looking into wireless speakers for my home theater. Has anyone ever used them?


Yes, I do have a pair of them that I use in my horse barn. I bought them on Ebay pretty cheap. While they are fine for my needs there, I would not recommend them. I did quite a bit of research before I bought them, so I did not have high expectations as I pretty much knew what I was getting. (Mine were under $20 shipped via Brown Santa.) That has been a couple of years ago, however. My suggestion is to buy them locally, say at a Best Buy, and find out what their return policy is ahead of time. That way, if you do have to return them, you really are only out your time. Needless to say, save the box, packing material, receipt, etc.