Are you an NFL fan, College Football fan, or both?


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What do you prefer? I'm an NFL man myself. I like to watch UCLA every once in a while, but professional football is so much better IMHO.


I am mostly a NCAA football supporter. It's more intense the way the ranking system works. Mostly, though, it's because my NFL team never does anything.


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I'm a much bigger fan of pro football. Where I live however, college sports (including football) are worshipped! I live in raleigh, nc and the three big teams that people follow are duke, unc and nc state...hardly anyone follows or talks about the panthers....or maybe it's just because of jake dellhomme! HAHA!


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Neither. While I've watched football on and off growing up, I now just think it's way too violent. People are dying from playing this sport and now it's coming out about brain damage and such affecting them as they age. Like boxing, I just don't think it's a good idea.
I'm a fan of both college and professional football. Since I was born and raised in San Francisco, I'm naturally a 49ers fan. As for college football, I'll watch any game that looks like it might be interesting. Kind of like Alabama versus Florida this weekend.
I truly enjoy both!!!! I mean TRULY ENJOY!!!! I love football!!!! My wife loves football, my kids love football. So much we all go into a kinda of post football funk for a month or so it sucks. Guess I need to be a turncoat and get satellite so we can have it 24/7/365, yep I'm that bad, I'm seriously thinkin about that. Yes we are a little touched up here. I think it's from some kind of mildew that grows up here in this God forsaken part of the country. FREAKIN RAIN!!!!
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I really have never found College Football all that interesting, and even NFL Football takes a bit of a back seat to Baseball for me. The only time I really watch Football anymore is during big or important games, since that's the only time I find it interesting.


I'm a H-U-G-E college football fan, preferring it to the NFL which I also like a lot.

I'm in the minority since I like the BCS and would oppose a playoff since that diminishes the important of the regular season. In contrast, college basketball doesn't pique my interest one iota until March Madness winnows down to the Sweet 16.

The college football overtime system is also a personal favorite as evidenced by the Northwestern-Auburn game this season. I'd like to see the NFL adopt that (as they did the 2-point conversion).

I primarily watch football over-the-air but keep cable around for the sole purpose of ESPN, Fox Sports and Versus for my college football fix. I'll also add that Lou Holtz and Mark May are highly entertaining on College Football Final.

...and now I'm just counting the days until the season kicks off in what seems like an eternity from now. :)
I just have found College sports in general to be more difficult to follow than professional Sports, since you are more likely to see a Pro team get their games broadcast on television, especially if you live outside the area of that teams usual audience.