Are you disappointed?


Are you disappointed when they turn your favorite books into movies or even television shows and change the storyline? What about when they change the characters? I would think the original writer would have certain rights to the storyline. I'm sure if the writer is still alive, they can probably buy the rights from the writer and change the storyline. But what about if the original writer is gone? Maybe, they can buy the rights from the writers family, but is that really right? What do you think?


Yeah this is disappointing at times but when I give it a deep thought nothing comes out.So whatever these people might do to fulfill their fantasies it doesn't matter to the consumer.
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I must admit it is rather confusing. I enjoy reading and look forward to the movie version. But when the characters have been changed or the story line altered, it frustrates me too.


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I am sorry Jack, that it has been a tough time for you. I really hope things pick back up for everyone. It has been a hard year for many people around the globe.
Yes , changing a book story line will create a very hard time for the creator of the book, If they are taking the theme from a book for a TV or Film the first author should be paid handsomely.


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Oh my God, your the first person that I've actually met online that thinks like me.. hell yeah I'm disappointed with movies based on books, they're absolutely utter garbage. They have changed so much and took out so many details because they usually have to be under 3 hours, but you know.. in books the author can express his feelings in however many pages he wants.