Are you having a hard time deciding how to convert to digital TV?

Well since analog TV has now become a thing of the past, you could find yourself wondering what the best option would be for making the switch. Fortunately there are several different ways to go about it. You can go to your local cable company which is what might seem to be the best move to make. But, why spend 40 to 50 dollars a month for basic cable options when in all actuality installing a dish network gives you the best options to choose from and its cheaper. Especially if you live in a deep rural area where a local cable company may not even be an option. Satellite TV can can solve your conversion problem and can get you in the mix as quickly as you've been taken out. Satellite television is what I use and I love it. I would suggest it to anybody that is making the new switch. :)
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I know satellite customers who aren't impressed with the packages they're offered from the companies licensing the broadcasts.

And I also hear that the reception can be sketchy at times.

But they do have a good selection of sports coverage year round. :cool:
I only get 3 solid channels, the rest drop out. I don't think I even care, because i'm not a big tv watcher except for an occasional basketball game.

I predict there will be alot of unhappy and upset people after June. When people can't get the news, there will be some kind of protest.

"Riot breaks out in the street after a local town struggles with digital tv reception, consumers demand answers"
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There are definitely going to be a lot of unhappy people. No matter what changes, no matter how changes are organized, people will find a way to be vociferously unhappy about it. It is the American way. :)