Arizona Cardinals - Off to the Super Bowl

OMG, it's a wonderful day in Arizona today after the Cardinals' win over the Eagles. Are there any other Cards' fans out there celebrating? And, what about Kurt Warner's ability to take the heat and still deliver those passes? OMG, and what about the superhuman catches that Larry Fitzergeral made? I'm ready for a chill pill after such an eventful day. Anybody else catch the game?

Of course the Cardiac Cardinals had to interject a little excitement in the third quarter and allow 18 pts. by the Eagles just to get my adrenalin flowing. I've been a long time fan and know they perform best in adversity. I'll be rooting you on to a Super Bowl win!!!


Staff member
Cardinals got lucky. They better prove they deserve to be their Sunday, otherwise EVERYONE is going to rag on them the whole rest of the year. ;) I honestly hope they do well, I hate the Steelers.