Arris DVR keeps rebooting. - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Arris DVR keeps rebooting.", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Last night my Arris DCX-3600-M started rebooting on it's own every hour or two. I turned on my system to check just now and right on cue it did it again! I did all the layman remedies on the tech support script, checked for loose cables etc. Now the problem has gotten so bad I can't even change the channel without provoking an auto-reboot. The unit just ignores the command and 30 seconds later it reboots. Is anyone else having the same problem? I read a 2018 thread between hundreds of Time Warner Customers who were experiencing a similar problem. Their boxes were rebooting at the slightest input like changing a channel or bringing up the guide. That tells me it is theoretically possible that a recent software update is to blame.

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