Artec Flat Panel Indoor Antenna Review


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This is a fantastic little UHF antenna. Its going onto my list of recommended backpackable portable antennas. (Along with the Classic Single Bowtie and the classic unamped RE&Loop.)

Its outperforming the RCA ANT108 RE&Loop that I have, by a wide margin on UHF. Probably similar to the Classic Single Bowtie, but its smaller and has a neat little adjustable stand which is angle adjustable at both ends for flexible mounting, it also has a suction cup bottom which is removable. So you can bend it 90 degrees and suction cup it to the window.

Its 8" wide and 4" high. Its probably wire sandwiched between 2 pieces of some kind of material that is somewhat bendable yet flexes back into shape. The mount is ultra lightweight as well.

I wasnt expecting much out of this one....and have put off trying it out. Boy am I surprised.




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PS - It wasnt good atmospherics. The Winegard HD 4400 on the roof with the CM 7777 amp was giving trouble on Channel 5 WCSC (RC 47) (didnt test all the channels that is just what it was on when I went to change the antenna) was breaking up and freezing for long periods. The Artec beat it on Channel 5, bringing in clear pic with no pixelation. I also tested the Levitron and the RCA ANT108 at the same time. The Levitron is a disaster with poor build quality to boot. The RCA ANT108 did its thing, what I expected out of it (its a good RE&Loop antenna). But the Artec blew it away.....bringing in WJWJ 16(RC 16), WCSC 5 (RC 47), WTAT 24 (RC 24), WMMP 36 (RC 36), and WCBD 2 (RC 50) plus the subchannels of those, missing only WITV 7 (RC 7) and WITV 4 (RC 34 and also my weakest station).


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I should post my TVfool for this location.

45 miles from the main tower clusters to the North East, a lot of it over coastal ocean. 23 miles from Ch. 16 WJWJ PBS off the backside.

RC = Real Channel
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