As Canadian TV Goes Digital Antenna Sales Boom.


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From The Article:
Digital only broadcasts replaced analog transmissions at the end of August in most parts of Canada. So, people with older TVs and rely on rabbit ears, must either buy a digital television, or a converter box to change the digital signals to analog.

So, what to do if you don’t want to pay for cable, satellite or fiber-based television service? Depending on where you live, you can still get free over-the-air broadcasts.

Even better, these digital stations broadcast in wide screen high-definition quality, and in many cases, with multi-channel surround sound audio. Sales of antennas have spiked across the country, says Elliott Chun, communications manager for Future Shop. “Some people simply refuse to subscribe to cable, and since the [analog] cut-off the other week, we’ve seen a lot of customers coming in to buy an antenna.”

Most newer televisions have a built-in ATSC tuner, therefore you just need an indoor or outdoor antenna to pick up reception. Chun says many stores have sold out, but sales associates are referring customers to their website to buy antennas.

Local stores are also selling many antennas. “Everything went bananas about two weeks ago when stations switched from analog to digital and sales are just as strong,” recalls Jeff Bayly, owner and operator of the Ottawa-based OTA Canada (OTA stands for “over the air”). “We recently got shipment of 50 to 60 antennas and sold out right away, both in our storefront and online, but we’ve since brought in more inventory.”

While Future Shop sells mostly indoor antennas, which might do the trick for some, OTA Canada focuses more on outdoor antennas for a roof or balcony, which results in much stronger reception; some antennas require power to amplify the signal for maximum reception.
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The Canadians have also been making their own TV Antennas in droves!

I thank them for the work they've done on the mclapp M4 and Gray-Hoverman homebrews and redesigns.


For the stations that either were already on the VHF, or those who were on UHF, but went back to VHF, I know most people can't get their signals. I thought I heard from somewhere that the most Canadian VHF stations could broadcast from was only somewhere between 300 & 1000 watts. Most people have trouble getting many of the US low power VHF stations that only broadcast at 300 watts (even worse if they're on 2 -6). Canada will have to address that issue somehow.


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I'm assuming the problems with Canadian stations will mostly be at the US / Canada border where there are big cities in both the US and Canada.

Interior stations where the population is sparse and there are fewer stations will probably be all UHF and allowed a whole lot of power to cover those distances.


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Exactly Mr Pogi, I live north of Montreal, I made a M4 and I get channels from Burlington Vermont at 86 miles.
Sweet! I use and make nearly the same antennas as an M4, they're EV's "Kosmic Super Quad" design. Solid reception.


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If that were true, (about the white kind of snow) Jim, I'd be looking for a job and moving right about... NOW. I've got friends there, and the government is slightly less looney and useless than here in the USA.

If it weren't for the weather, I would defect to Canada. But the wife, being the tropical princess she is, hates the cold. Me, not so much. I don't have to shovel cold. But I hate snow.

Oh! Canada!

Fringe Reception

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Mr Pogi,

Oh Canada? We have dear friends who thought moving to and retiring in Canada was a great plan. Nova Scotia. They met in "beautiful downtown Berkley" at a protest march against President Nixon the Vietnam war in the mid 1960s and spent their lives spreading the great socialist plan to all who would listen to them. (for the record, JFK put us in Vietnam).

They sold almost everything they had acquired over their lifetimes, moved and in spite of being 5 time zones away we see them whenever they need (real) healthcare beyond a prescribed aspirin or an indefinately long wait. Of course, after Obamacare takes root, they will have no reason to come to the USSA. Just like Obama said about Grandma:

..."take a pill" ...