AT&T $449 Credit Management fee - NOT REFOUNDABLE?! REALLY!!? - DirecTV

I opened my account in 2014 when I came to US. I didn't have a social security number nor security history, I was asked to pay $449 for "Credit Management Fee". I got $5 back from each payment, and by this calculation it will cost me 7.5 years to get my money back.

I paid my bill every month on time, had no trouble to my credit score, 1.5 years later I bought a house and moved to an area where AT&T doesn't cover, So I have to terminate my U-Vers service with AT&T. I called the customer service and asked about the rest of my Credit Management Fee. The customer service representative told me after all payments were due and payed the rest of the amount (supposed to be over $300) will be refunded as a check sent to my house.

So I waited. waited.. and waited. But I never got that check

After 10 months after my U-Vers contract is closed, Today I called the customer service again, it's so painful to try to explain this situation to the customer service and got nobody understand my question. One customer service representitive even hang up my call because he tought I was asking some ridiculous money. Finally I reached out a lady who understand this situation and she told me the "Credit Management Fee" is not refundable. I simply feel I am robbed.

This is rediculas fee, I understand at the first time AT&T signed a customer who has no credit history, u charge something, but I was told by the customer service representitive that my credit level is "Green" in AT&T system later on. That means I wasn't even a customer who needs to be under Cridit Management. Why couldn't this fee to be refund?!

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