So renting movies on DIRECTV is an exerciese in frustration to begin with...I have never figured out the long tedious conffusing process myself, I leave that to my wife.

On Christmas day we rented a movie but were unable to watch it. Next night my wife called "customer service" and it was going to cost $5 to actually talk to a "customer service" representative.

First AT&T is charging for a "service" that is marginal at best and a stressful nightmare to use at the worst, have you locked into a contract, and then want to charge you to talk to a "customer service" representative once you reach the end of your rope trying to navigate the nightmare they are charging you for.

Had I signed up for this "service" rather than my wife...I would have been on the phone and getting out from under this {edited for word filter evasion} within the first week.

This question, "AT&T CHARGING FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE???," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.