I live in the NW Florida area and went to the Direct TV website and noticed that they advertise a bundled package Internet phone with AT&T TV From Direct TV. Great I booked to have the TV installed and I was told that AT&T would be in touch within two days. Direct turned up and installed the TV. No call from AT&T so I chased AT&T up and found out that they did not have the capacity to provide me with a internet and phone service. They sugested that I register and I would be contacted when a spot became available ???
I had payed Direct TV $400+. So I went to a alternative provider Mediacom and arranged for all three services to be provided through them. Direct refused to refund me a cent stating that it was company policy not to give refunds even tho they admitted they were in the wrong to advertise a service that they could not provide.:(


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Thats one of the problems with a bundle from the Satellite companies. You're dealing with TWO companies who can barely communicate within their own companies, let alone between the two. I know it's not your fault or responsibility, and it's too late now, but you should have confirmed with AT&T before installation that they could deliver on DirecTV's bundle promise.

Yes, the fault is with DirecTV who should have VERIFIED with AT&T that they could provide service.

And YES, they do take advantage with their "No refunds" policy. Try this: an Email Carpet bomb.
How To Launch An Executive Email Carpet Bomb - The Consumerist

DirecTV - The Consumerist
and AT&T may be helpful: AT&T - The Consumerist
Also try to get a local TV station to help you resolve this problem, they sometimes run "troubleshooter" or consumer help segments on their local news.

Good luck, let us know how it works out.


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That's an amazing story. I cannot imagine having received money for something that failed to be a service, admitting that I was indeed at fault and still claim that I was not obligated to the customer for a refund. What kind of business is this?

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I wonder if any of your local TV stations would be interested in reporting a 'human interest - consumer reports' story? If not, its time to contact your State Attorney General's office.

Thanks for comments. As for pursuing the issue the Customer Service guy at Direct had the confident swagger of someone with a expensive set of lawyers behind his company. I am down $405 time to stop digging just learn the lesson never beleive what you read. And as MrPogi said do the research before you make the call and give the card details.


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Thanks for comments. As for pursuing the issue the Customer Service guy at Direct had the confident swagger of someone with a expensive set of lawyers behind his company. I am down $405 time to stop digging just learn the lesson never beleive what you read. And as MrPogi said do the research before you make the call and give the card details.
Just don't give up: they will continue their practice and others will lose their money, too. Your states attorney general has an even more unlimited legal budget - and several states AG's have gone after them for their practices. Don't let them con you with their confidence - they are trained to be like that!

If you paid with a credit card, consider a chargeback with your credit card company ASAP - you only have a limited time to dispute the charges. You did not receive the product and services your ordered, and as such your credit card company may go to bat for you. I hope you didn't pay with a debit card! If you did, cancel your debit ASAP and get a new one. They have a practice of keeping your card on file and charging against it without your consent.

Also, what Jim said about the local news station. Bad publicity is something big corporations understand.
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AT&T fraudalant activity

That's a good story and now let me tell you mine. I need a lawyer. I signed up for the internet/tv bundle w/ DirectTV and AT&T. I was paying 43 dollars for net and 95 dollars for DirectTV month. I did this in July. I never received a bill until September. When I didn't receive my bill in August I called AT&T and they said it takes about 2 months to take affect. I called DirectTV and told them and they said they could not talk to
Me about billing because it was in AT&Ts hands now. The one thing they did do for
Me was suspend my account in Swptemeber so I would not get billed anymore until AT&T could figure it out since my first bill was for 900 dollars. I cancelled my bundle with them after receiving this bill. I should've owed only 200 since I was still paying my internet bill on time
Each month. DirectTV actually credited
Me 400 dollars. AT&T admitted they had made a big mistake. Everything seemed to be handled after I involved the BBB. 4 months have passed and guess what I received yesterday a collection notice for
861 from AT&T. They are so disorganized and now I will once again file a BBB against them and hope a class action lawsuit happens soon because I know I can't be the only one that is dealing with this pure
Neglect of customer account handling.


Wow, that is messed up! One I don't like direcTV as is. But I never really had a problem with the AT&T part. Considering I only had internet through them for a little over a year. But I don't trust companies that basically "work together" so to speak. Meaning they have a bundle with one another. To me most companies are just plan out dumb. And what happens if you mix two companies that are dumb as a box of rocks? Complete and utter disaster! If I try to find a company that has internet/tv combo. I try and make sure that its the same company for both. But, that doesn't mean there not dumb as well. But less risk of having two dumb companies trying to take your money.


Do not bundle att & dtv!

I have had the same issues..just without the promise of a gift card but instead lower rates guaranteed for 2 years. Unfortunately, I have had this service since May and have not been charged the amount promised when I signed up yet. My experience today has been typical for every month since I added DTV: Customer service transferred me 6 times over a 2 hour period today due to improper charges on my bill. The Direct TV side blames the ATT side and vice versa. They just transfer you to tell the same story to someone without an advocate from those who guaranteed the rate in the first place. I was quoted a "two year price" that has never been charged but my bill has changed 5 times over the past 5 months and mysteriously keeps going up! I have had to call them EVERY month to discuss the same problems since I agreed to this bundle. They even created and charged me twice for the same DTV service. I paid it on my ATT bundle and am also being charged with a separate account on a DTV bill!?! Riddle me that one. I was also charged for the three month free premium channels that I cancelled in directed by customer service. Now, because of their dishonesty I have to wait for a partial credit when I was told by two different customer service reps to cancel within the month and I will NOT BE BILLED. I absolutely hate that I chose to believe the word of those who called and harassed me for several months to get a bundle for a price that does not exist. It's not worth the hassle and time to deal with a company that is so disconnected internally. They have not honored their promises from day one.


Pissed off from SC

I own my own business they said if I signed up with direct TV for my business that they could combine the bills for ATT and direct TV and it would be about 140 a month..... as to now I am paying 145 for internet and phone plus 115 for the first direct TV bill.... They are liars!!! called this morning and they said it wasn't available to bundle.... WTH that's what was I signed up for in the first place!!!!!!! Both of the companies are scammers anyways and one day someone will figure out a way to be able to only pay for what tv you actually watch and not have to pay for a bunch of CRAP!!!!!!!