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A salesperson at Wal-Mart got my 76 year old mother to sign up for Directv. The contract was for $61.97 a month. My mom agreed to sign up as she wanted to pay less than her current bill of $140.00 a month. She was promised a $200 Wal-Mart gift card. I had to call the salesperson 3 times to ask why she never got the gift card. The last time I called her, she said she no longer is with the company. I called the reward department and per Louis, "someone" had changed the address to something completely different than my parent's address of 24 years. Then my mom gets a bill and I have called in Sept, Oct, Nov and now Dec to get resolution. I'm being told that "someone" called on 8/30/16 and upgraded to the premier package which costs $174 a month. She had just signed the contract on 8/19/16 and it was installed on 8/23/16. I told them that we had not called to upgrade and I wanted it taken care of. I talked to Felicia on Nov 2nd and she assured me that the package was back to the agreed contract and that my mom needed to pay $118.32. That would bring account balance to zero and from that point on, the total bill would be 102.30. I had to call again today, Dec. 2nd, as the bill still reflects the premier pkg and a past due amount of $45 and a $9 late charge! I ended up talking to Pete who informed me there was nobody higher than him and that according to the notes from Felicia, no changes were made when I called her. She also noted that "the customer said she would pay $118.32 and was informed that there would still be $45 owed on the account". That is a straight out lie! I told Pete that we did NOT call on 8/30/16 to upgrade to a pkg that was more money than what mom was paying before signing up with Directv literally the week before! I told him to pull the recordings of "someone" calling and upping the package, he said that it was not something they do. I also asked Pete to pull the recording of my conversation with Felicia because she flat lied and Pete said that they don't really record all the calls and they didn't record that one. I told Pete that Felicia out right lied in her notes and that I was assured paying the $118.32 would bring account to zero. Pete said that he was not willing to make a $22 adjustment and that I could not talk to anyone else because he was as high up as it goes. He said he put in a case with the credit and refund department. I am absolutely floored at the lack of integrity of such a large company. I feel that my parents have been taken complete advantage of. I am requesting that your company just cancel their services as you have not honored the contract. We have not agreed to an upgrade by phone or by mail. There is NO signed agreement of such a large upgrade and we absolutely stand firm that we did NOT call to make such a change.

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