AT&T/DTV=JOKE *Promised VISA card to break lease with Dish and NEVER sent card and wi

AT&T/DTV=JOKE *Promised VISA card to break lease with Dish and NEVER sent card and wi

I called AT&T in July to set up service for Internet ONLY!! That is all that I wanted especially being a single mother of 2 kids and living from check to check. The sales rep from AT&T (NOT Direct TV) had pricing for me and went to give me the information. He was a great guy actually and I enjoyed talking to him. He asked me about bundling services to save money. Asked me about my TV provider and I told him I was good and that I had Dish Network and my contract wasn't up until next year. He kept on and on with what Direct TV had to offer. I kept saying NO that I couldnt break the lease and pay the money. He didn't stop asking. Then he says that he could offer a 250.00 Visa Prepaid card and asked if that would offset my charge to break the lease? I said Yes. So then he offered me a home phone and talked me into that. He explained the card and said I would get it 4-6 weeks after installing. AT&T installed and Dish ripped all the money from my checking acct and I never got anything. I have spent 3 months trying to get this money and probably spoke to about 10 different people and chatted with several and have the transcripts for record. It has caused me to get behind on some bills and here it is right here at Christmas. Talked to one person and they said a manager would get with me in 2 weeks and they created a case#. That was 4 weeks ago. Talked with a lady at DTV last week and after I told her to come get the equipment from DTV and take every bit of there stuff back and I was going to the better business bureau she said I didnt qualify for a 250.00 card. I went online the next day and DTV was offering 200.00 visa cards to new customers and AT&T was offering 300.00 cards to new customers. So I had it at that point and contacted someone (he was with the internet dept) last Wed 12/07 (I have the transcript) and he was VERY understanding. He told me that he would make sure to help me and he promised me that this would be taken care of and his manager would call me at 5:00 when I got off work. NEVER got a call. But I did get about 10 text messages from AT&T confirming my appt tomorrow for them to install faster internet service at my house. YES they better have got my text back to cancel that appt. I dont care what department this message gets to or who gets back to me but I have always been very nice and honest and easy to get along with but when someone promises you something and you break a contract with someone else for that reason and then that company doesnt honor it and then tells you that you DO NOT qualify when you see the promotions all over the internet trying to suck people in by their fake offers then it is about as low as you can get. I had a bill that did not get paid because of this and other bills that got behind because of someones promise.

This question, "AT&T/DTV=JOKE *Promised VISA card to break lease with Dish and NEVER sent card and will not honor*," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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