AT&T Fiber U-verse Picture Quality - DirecTV

I was a customer of DirecTV from around 2005 until 2015...was generally very happy. I got them because at the time (and even today) they were pioneers of HDTV. The only reason I decided to jump ship was because of the constant outages due to rain (in Florida we get rain just about every day during the summer).

When leaving DirecTV I decided to switch over to Comcast. Their prices were cheaper for me (my community has a special rate with them) and I was very impressed with the X1 software. One major downside, a LOT less HD channels than DirecTV and slightly inferior HD picture quality form that of DirecTV, although it was acceptable.

A few months ago AT&T came by community and started digging the necessary conduit for fiber. I was thrilled that I would now be able to get insanely fast internet PLUS fiber-based IP TV Service. I'd heard great things about FIOS TV, with many people saying that it's by far the best HD picture quality anywhere. Figuring that AT&T would be using fiber to run internet to my home (just like FIOS), I was excited at the possibility of having TV service with outstanding HD picture quality (just like FIOS). Or so I thought.

I've had the service for now two weeks and I have to say that I am extremely disappointed at the HD quality. I cannot watch any sporting event without being overwhelmed by all the compression artifacts. It's like they are overcompressing their streams.

To see if it was just me or if this was all in my head, tonight I signed up for the 7 day trial of DirecTV Now on my Apple TV and started watching a basketball game on there. I tuned into that same basketball game on U-Verse and it confirmed by biggest fears.... It is NOT me...the HD quality of U-Verse is terrible. Whereas on DirecTV Now you can clearly see edges, on U-Verse those same edges (like around the bodies of people on the court), looke blurry and fuzzy. Blacks look like dark greys.

I can totally understand why AT&T would feel the need to overcompress their signal for customers on the traditional, DSL-based U-Verse....I get it....that service has bandwidth limitations. But for someone who's on fiber, where there are no real bandwidth limitations, they should reduce the compression considerably and make it more like DirecTV or FIOS (or even Comcast).

So my question: Is there a plan to separate the customers with fiber from those with the legacy U-Verse internet service so that they can provide a better signal to those customers who are lucky enough to get fiber? Is AT&T doing anything to help improve the signal for those who can get fiber? Are there any plans? I feel like I have a massive pipe coming into my house with just a small trickle of water going through it. And I don't want to even think about going back to DirecTV....too many outages.


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although its pure fiber they sill give you the same compression ans basic uverse. basicly att has not up their compression yet like google fiber and they have not ever said if they will