AT&T is heartless - DirecTV

My RANT for the evening! AT&T sucks! They are a heartless company! Received a bill today for $633 for their precious equipment which was destroyed in The Great Flood of 2016. After speaking to 8 different people, in 8 different locations across the WORLD (most who had no idea about the flood.) . . AT&T said to file a claim with your insurance company. Nope, insurance isn't going to cover it - didn't have flood insurance, FEMA isn't going to cover it so I am responsible for it. REALLY AT&T? REALLY? People lost everything they own and now you're sending them a bill for your precious equipment. I hope whomever thought of this bright idea doesn't get a good night's sleep for the rest of their lives. I had been told earlier by a representative since it was a National Disaster, AT&T would write it off. Nope, three months later I get a bill. I have contacted my local television station, posted on social media, and will continue to spread the word that AT&T sucks and is a heartless company.

This question, "AT&T is heartless," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.