AT&T promoting DIRECTV while Uverse subscribers DECREASED 22.9% Y-o-Y! - DirecTV

From AT&T's 3rd quarter earnings report under Subscriber Metrics:

"U-verse TV subscribers declined 326,000 as the company continued to focus on profitability and increasingly emphasized satellite sales. For the second straight quarter, gross additions increased on a year-over-year basis even when excluding IPTV customers transitioning to DIRECTV."

So perhaps the 22.9% year over year DECLINE in Uverse TV subscribers is indicative of AT&T neglecting the many customer reported problems such that they outright cancel or "transition" to DIRECTV. That's the only explanation I can come up with for the lack of software/firmware quality control/test before release AND not attempting to correct or resolve problems with STB and Residential Gateway software updates.

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