AT&T rep lied about DirecTV, unlimited data, and free tablet - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, AT&T rep lied about DirecTV, unlimited data, and free tablet I contacted a customer service rep on September 21, 2016 about a store representative saying that I could not have a refund for my Note7 after it was recalled. The rep (Lacey) told me that the store likely didn't want to lose the sell. Lacey apologized and claimed she put notes in the system that the store could see so that they would allow me to return the Note7 and accessories. So far, so good.

Lacey went on to offer me unlimited data and DirecTV. Her claims:

1) I would save money on my wireless bill.
2) I would receive an 18.4" Samsung View tablet free with a 2-yr contract for a 1 GB line costing me $10/month. The tablet was to be shipped to my wife's house and would arrive on 9/24 or 9/26.
3) My most watched channels were included in the DirecTV Choice lineup for $60/month. This would be a savings coming from my cable provider.
4) The unlimited data cap of 22 GB was per line (except for the new View tablet).
5) I would receive a two room installation.

Lacey's manager came on the line to verify the addition of DirecTV, changes to my account, and installation date of September 23rd. After 1 hour and 43 minutes on the phone, everything looked like it was going to work out great.

I took off a 1/2 day for the installation on 9/23. The installer installed one room and left a box and power supply for the 2nd room on my coffee table. I received no cables to connect to the 2nd TV or a remote. The installer also left a brochure with a channel guide. After the installer left, I looked through the channel guide and noticed that channels Lacey told me would be included were not. They were listed under the sports pack. I immediately called AT&T customer service. The rep told me that the channels were included in a sports pack, but I needed to also upgrade my package to the DirecTV Extra lineup. After 25 minutes of complaining about the previous channel lineup promise, I increased my DirecTV base price by $15/month to get what I was told I should already have.

I was out of town travelling for business from 9/24 to 10/2. As of 10/2, the free tablet had not shown up at my wife's house. So, I thought it might have been shipped to my house. It was not. When I contacted customer service on 10/3 about it, for 2 hours 40 minutes I was given the usual runaround and told: 1) there were no notes from Lacey about a free tablet, 2) the Samsung View was too expensive to offer, and that 3) the View was never part of a promotion. I was transferred to customer retention where I also requested that my service be disconnected without penalty since I was not receiving what I signed up for. I was told my request would be escalated and that I would get a call back within a few days. I didn't receive a call.

On October 10th, I called to request an update. I was given the runaround again and was transferred multiple times, hung-up on, and told to call different departments. An AT&T wireless representative in billing told me that I needed to contact "unified billing" and that the wireless billing department couldn't help me anymore. On 10/10, I spent another 2 hours total on the phone and the best response was that I would get a call from customer retention about their decision to allow me to breach contract within 1 to 2 months. Really?

On 10/15, I received a call from a Leanne. She left a message to tell me that I could not terminate my contract based on the facts of the situation because I signed a 2-year agreement. Leanne provided a call back # and pin for express customer service. I called on 10/17 and was transferred to regular customer service in the Phillipines(??), where you have to repeat everything you say 4 times and they still get it wrong.

This is the worst experience I have had with AT&T in many years and likely the last straw. Lacey seemed to be a great rep and very helpful. She lied to get a DirecTV sell. Nothing she said was true. Because DirecTV requires a 2-year agreement, I'm locked into a contract for something that I was not told I would be getting. I still have no tablet and will not be receiving one. I am still paying $15 more than I was told I would be paying. With the Note7 recall, this seems like the perfect time to switch to Verizon and give them a try with the Google Pixel. I'll give AT&T another week to fix this mess before I transfer to another provider. After that, I'm filing a complaint with my state's Attorney General's office, consumer protection agency, and FCC.