AT& T sales rep bait and switch tactic - DirecTV

I was apporched by a AT & T to switch my service from Comcast to AT & T . They ask what did i have. I said I have the 3 bundle with ALL the movie channels HBO SHOWTIME, CINMAX STARZ. they said you are paying around $ 200. / $230 i said yes. THEY said we could give you the same for a $100 less per month ( $135 per month) for 2 years for their permotion deal ( AT&T is new inyour area) along with free install and $300 visa to cover your early cancellation fee.. i said OK.
AT &T came out installed it. i started watching tv and notice i DID NOT HAVE HBO OR CINMAX. i went and check i was given the 300 package ---- cost $ 135 .and slower internet speed than what i had.SO This WAS NOT A DEAL
. I could of save the same amount with COMCAST by dropping HBO and CINMAX and slower internet speed
I tried calling the sales rep Kevin phone number Not valid did NOT GET a CALL .

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Bait and switch directtv

Very similar to what happened to us. Hillsboro OR AT@T rep talked us into it promising Sunday Ticket and $200 in gift certificates. We were very specific that we were not unhappy with Comcast and that we love football. We questioned him about what we heard about DirectTV freezing and dropping signals and were assured that does not happen. Well, it does happen and we did not get Sunday Ticket or the $200 in gift certificates. Called the store over and over and never returned our calls. Called DirectTV and AT&T and were told first by AT&T that it is not their problem and DirectTV said if I want Sunday Ticket I would have to increase my plan. Bait and Switch. Promise to get you to sign and then tell you after you sign you need to spend more money. And they are rude!!!