AT&T U-Verse bundled with home phone and Internet - DirecTV

I am a long time customer and have been in the process of trying to lower my monthly bill around the bundle of services I currently have from AT&T. This past week, as I worked with several customer service rep's to assist in helping to lower my monthly charges, the final decision was to move my U-verse services to Direct TV in which I would be in a 24 mo contract at $50/mo with Phone(unlimited) and Internet(18Mb) at $49.99/mo - this brought my current $210/mo fee down to $99.99 + taxes per month. I was very excited and happy to make this adjustment to lower this monthly cost. I asked if we would be leveraging the same lines outside as I just had them buried this spring when I put in a swimming pool. The rep said, absolutely, they will use all the same lines. (this is not true at all).
So, the ATT technician arrived 12/5/16, during the scheduled appointment in which he reviewed the 4 install points, and then went outside and could not find a line of site due to too many tree's in the way for the Satellite Dish that was needed to install DirectTV. He came to me to discuss the issue with the satellite, in which I let him know what the rep had told me. He was very polite and said, let's call into the customer service center and see if we can keep you on u-verse and see if they can possibly offer you the same rate for a u-verse package. This poor techician was hung up on several times. We were both speaking from his phone to service reps in which one provided an invalid ID and said there is no way ATT can afford this rate plan for U-Verse, the best rate that could be provided was $125.00/mo +taxes. when I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager to discuss the matter he quoted $165/mo was the best that could be done. Then as I expressed my concern that I was not being provided consistent or correct information and why isn't AT&T trying to keep me as a customer? This manager hung up on us. Your poor technician was very troubled by all of this terrbile service we were getting (hung up on at least 4 times) (and each time we were talking from the technician's phone). He apologized profusely, and it took him over an hour just to get the DirectTV order cancelled. At the end of this 4 hour window that the technician attempted to work with Customer Service with me, he then was faced with an hour to get the order cancelled. As he came back to my front door, I thanked him for trying to help and being so curteous, but also let him know that I don't think I can stay with ATT if this is how they treat their own people and customers. So, I guess ATT is so big, customers just don't matter anymore and more importantly, I feel terrible for their install technicians. Charter signed me up quickly for $87/mo with TV, Internet, and Phone.

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