AT&T U-verse. Nothing working. All disabled - DirecTV

Basically I had a extra modem I found by att, but it wasn't u verse.

U plugged it into a power outlet and hooked a ethernet cable to my pc..

I just thought it would work because I play video games and without ethernet cable I disconnect A LOT.
Online games are poor when wireless..

It was an old modem. Didn't work, no Internet access.
So I removed the modem completely...

Now my original u verse modem says everything is disabled. Internet, cable, etc...

I rebooted it twice and still no fix... Please help me I hope I didn't screw things up.

Do I have to call?

It says


WiFi status_OFF

I need help turning it back on

Sorry for trying to hook up a separate old modem to my room because I wanted an ether net cable to my own room, instead of buying a 100 foot cable.

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