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I recently switched all my serviced from Time Warner to AT+T (TV, internet, and home security). When "Direct TV" was installed, I found out later it was done by an AT&T crew. This crew demolished my DISH satellite and my old home security system and even took off the base of the previous satellite! Everyone knows you don't leave 4 large, open screw holes in the roof (in addition to an exposed hole on the side of my house with a wire running through it). My wife even pointed it out to the hole in the side of the house to the technician and he said he would "take care of it." They also left trash, including sharp metal pieced all over my yard!

As my roof awaits water damage, Direct TV quickly sends out a crew only for them to look at it and say that they won't touch it because the damage was done by AT&T and they will need to fix it. Upon calling AT&T, they were very apologetic and said they would have a superviser call me the next day at 8am, before I start work......still waiting several days later. No call. Holes still exposed on roof and side of house. What if I would not have checked their work? What about the little old lady that can't climb up on the ladder? I am sad for those whose roof will be flooded due to horrible installation work by AT&T, followed by no corrections anywhere on the horizon!

I then call to cancel my service, as those are usually the employees who have to power to make things right quickly, in order to retain customers. Their response was, "I am sorry, I can get your services cancelled for you." Really? Is AT&T so busy that they don't need business anymore? Is there such a monopoly that they are above returning phone calls and giving good service?

I originally made the switch so that I could have all of my bills under one umbrella, only to find that TV (Direct TV), Internet (Uverse), and Home Security (Digital Life) is still all separate and there is little communication between any of the companies. One very helpful lady from Direct TV literally sat on the phone with me for 1 HOUR over my lunch break to try to get me some help through her contacts at AT&T. She said she was transferred 7 times and got nowhere. She finally had to admit defeat and say she was unable to help me. How sad that even Direct TV can't get anyone helpful from AT&T on the line....after an HOUR of trying.

This question, "AT&T v Direct TV - No follow through v No liability," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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