AT&T, Verizon Battle As Broadcast Draws Cord-Cutters


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"The cord-cutters who ultimately become happy with their decision need three things: an intimate knowledge of where to find free content on the Web; a Netflix subscription; and rabbit ears for TV service that grabs the major networks for free over-the-air.

Studies show people tend to mostly watch about 15 channels, with the Big Four part of that devotion. Within a 500-channel cable universe, they're watching about .03% of the line-up.

If they decide to drop the cable bill and put up with the laughable rabbit-ears décor, Big Four ratings could increase substantially. Viewers would have less choice, for sure, but how crushing would that be? Probably not much. All of TV's top shows would still be available, from "American Idol" to "Modern Family" to the NFL."

MediaPost Publications AT&T, Verizon Battle As Broadcast Draws Cord-Cutters 02/08/2011