Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV almost finished "fixing" dtv broadcast tower

Thomas G

ABC WSB-TV Channel 2 is currently working on their digital broadcast tower. I'm not sure what the problem was, the news story attached at the bottom of my thread isn't very descriptive.

The station has been telling viewers it would take about 10 days to fix the problem. “We hope to have [the signal] back to normal very soon,” Hoffman said. “It is a temporary inconvenience we wish we didn’t have, but was inevitable.”
WSB-TV finishing up digital antenna fixes|


DTVUSA Jr. Member
WSB has not been forthcoming about what's been going on - they don't even post updates on their website. They have mismanaged this antenna switchover so badly that they won't be broadcasting OTA until Friday September 25, 2009 at the earliest, I was told. That is an entire month of not broadcasting in one of the largest markets in the country. So the entire ABC premiere week will be lost to those of us who get our TV from antennas.