Atrocious customer service - DirecTV

ATT has failed to fix the problem I've had after bundling my ATT cell service, uverse Internet, and directv 4 months ago. I've had to call every month, and had to deal with getting directed to the wrong dept, or getting dropped everytime. Today was the worst. I was on the phone for 3 and a half hours. Not only was I continuously sent to the wrong person, and dropped after LONG waits, but a manager, supervisor, manager actually hung up on me. I know she hung up because she called me (which means she had my #) and didn't call back. She said her name was Abby, and she called from Sanford, FL, the phone # that showed up on my phone was (407) 771-6316. The reason I'm posting this here is because after she hung up on me, I spent and additional hour trying to reach another supervisor or manager, only to be put on hold and get dropped. If I can't even get a manager to help me with the failures of ATT, than who can?
The ONLY reason I didn't cancel my account today is because when I bundled my account I started a whole new contract. And I can't afford to pay the $160 termination fee. If the problem I've been having persists next month (which retention assures me it should be resolved, but that's what I've been told every month for 4 months), I will be canceling my account.
Ive been a loyal customer for both ATT and directv for many years. Way to go ATT, I'm done with you, and especially your atrocious customer service, which I will never waste time on the phone with again.
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