ATSC H 264 already existed


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Hello everyone:

i have been watching some papers in spanish about the pro and cons of adoptions of the 3 Systems of DTV that exist in the world, and found that too ATSC can work in MPEG 4 H 264, , is real this,

here is the papers of ATSC H 264 ,

there are both documensts, where appear the technical things about H 264 and were adopted in 2008 this , so maye your television or converter box can be having dual systems for both MPEG 2, and MPEG 4 H 264 compression systems.

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I wouldn't be surprised but I doubt that any of the converter boxes can display h.264 out of the box (without hacking).


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ION is airing MPEG-4 subchannels in some areas. My HDHomeRun lets me see WPXA 14-500 airing qubo in MPEG-4.

- Trip

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