ATSC mobile digital TV at CTIA

Aside from showing off its latest handsets, LG also took the opportunity at CTIA 2009 to demonstrate Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) mobile digital television on some of its phones. ATSC is the new digital television standard that is replacing NTSC, and LG has been helping to develop a mobile version of the standard in the form of embedded chips.
At the show, LG incorporated these chips in the LG Lotus and the LG Voyager, and showed off live local TV on both handsets. There is no real service fee involved, since it's basically receiving the television signal over the airwaves like you would with a rabbit-ear antenna. Reception would depend on broadcasters, and whether they would allow a portion of the channel capacity to be dedicated to mobile viewers. Broadcasters have already announced that they intend to launch mobile DTV across 63 stations in 22 markets some time in the near future.
LG shows off ATSC mobile digital TV at CTIA | CTIA show - CNET Reviews


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Why does DTV require a special mobile signal to be broadcasted seperate of which regular broadcasts are sent out? This is what (in my mind) makes the general public wary of DTV in general. Spend money on a converter box, spend money on a antenna, and now if you have a car with a TV, you have to spend money and get a special receiver or converter box that's different than what you can get for your house. It's BS.