ATSC Tuners With HDMI Ports


I have a few of the legacy converter boxes. Specifically, several of the Zenith DTT901s and a couple of the DISH Network DTV Pals. Anyway, I am staring to look around for what new boxes are available that include an HDMI port. What are some of my better choices? I know when the earlier coupon eligible ones came out they seemed to vary a lot in receive performance.

I did look at the Stellar Labs DT-800 at MCM. The few reviews posted are favorable and the $49.99 price seems reasonable. What other choices do I have? Also, I wouldn't necessarily rule out other additional features either, like a built in hard drive for recording, if the price is reasonable.


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The advantages of these boxes is that they also have component outputs and PVR functions! If you buy a STB for an older analog TV, they won't become useless when you buy a digital TV.

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