For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, ATT AND DIRECT TV Weather ATT bought Direct TV as told by ATT or as a partner , regardless have any new clients gone through pain work money pain and lies and back with these two companies trying to play as one and completely failing, service promised and not delivered correctly and having to call daily with crazy think you are dumb reasons and you can't just call ATT who you signed up with and Direct TV wrongly charging you and ATT WRONGLY CHANGING Your 24 months plan to 26,28 and promised 99 percent working and problems after problems and Direct TV don't know or have knowledge of ATT when they are who sold you your TV, Internet and home phone plan. DONT FALL FOR THE FREE SETUP AND WHATEVER ELSE ATT PROMOTED BECAUSE ITS ALL BULL, they are not one company and working on training DIRECT TV EMPLOYEES AND TRAINING ATT EMPLOYEE For DIRECT TV,two bills supposed to be one but ATT DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHEN DIRECTV DOUBLE CHARGING RECHARGED AND SERVICES ARE UNRELIABLE AND THEN YOU FIND IT WAS ALL A SCAM.CALL THE COMMISSIONER WHO IS OVER ATT AND HIS BATON ROUGE OFFICE IF YOU LIVE IN La , ITS UNION AND MUST DELIVER WHAT WAS PROMISED AND UNLESS YOU WANT TO CALL A CASE MANAGER FOR DIRECT TV EVERY DAY BOTH YOU AND Your HUSBAND AND WHO EVER YOU OR Your SPOUCE CAN GET CONNECTION TO AT ATT AND ITS NEVER THE SAME REP, They don't know what plan you have or even all 60 calls and problems and have to start over and over and get nowhere, no complete service and nothing they advertised or promised, ATT Does Not EVEN KNOW THE DIRECT TV PART OF BILLINGS AND WHEN DIRECT TV CHARGES YOU DOUBLE THEREFORE PAYING THE SAME BILL TWICE AND CALLING ATT For OVER TWO MONTHS AND SERVICES ARE STILL NOT RIGHT AND DIRECT TV TELLS YOU ONE THING AND ATT ANOTHER AND THEY ARE BY FAR NOT ONE COMPANY NOW AND IF YOU ARE THINKING OF CHANGING YOUR CABLE AND INTERNET PROVIDER DONT BELIVE ATT THAT YOY HAVE TO USE DIRECT TV THEY PUSHERS MAKE MORE IF THEY GET YOU TO SIGN UP WITH ATT AND DIRECT TV VERSES UVERSE THAT USES A DIRECT CABLE TO PROVIDER Of Your TV SERVICE AND DIRECT TV USES A SATELLITE AND IF YOU LIVE IN A AREA THATS CLOUDY OR IT RAINS PLAN TO NOT HAVE TV USE, DIRECT TV CASE MANAGEMENT TOLD ME THIS IF YOU LIVE IN SOUTH EAST La and surrounding areas or a state like Fla plan on losing your tv single on cloudy rainy days which has been more than half of the service,ATT IS MAKING SALES ON PLANS THEY CANNOT SUPPORT AND EVERY ONE MUST CALL THEIR COMMISSIONER IN BATON ROUGE La AND DONT FALL FOR THE UNLIMITED DATA CELL SERVICES FOR DIRECT TV/ ATT PROVIDERS, THEY CHARGE YOU $20.00 a month just for using ATT Data and that is a separate charge even if you qualify for unlimited data plan so you get unlimited data for $50.00 but you must also pay them for using them, ATT DATA NOT THE DATA You ACTUALLY USE SO THATS $70.00 and add only a 32GB IPHONE AND ITS EVEN MORE PER MONTH AND THEY ADVERTISE THAT THEY WILL GIVE You A REFUND IF YOU HAND IN Your IPHONE 6 , be prepared to get less than $200.00 for a $900.00 iPhone 6 Plus 64 GBs, so less storage and twice what Sprint's Non contract unlimited data plan is and if you do have a iPhone that you have with sprint and it's payed off all you have to do is exchange it for the same GB new iPhone 7 and not only do you can get the unlimited $50.00 plan you currently have you get the latest version of the iPhone of your choice, I did the process because we are ATT and Direct TV clients and I was given the quote of saving money because of our TV and internet service and its was $170.00 a month lol, I am staying with Sprint and upgrading my phone for free. AND IF YOU WANT TO NOT HEAR TWO TO THREE SECONDS OF SOUND EVERY 4.33 seconds, a known software problem told to me by a direct tv case supervisor and we are on our 5th Then ATT IS UNAWARE AND DIRECT TV BLAMS ATT AND ATT BLAMS DIRECT TV AND YOU NEED TO SCHEDULE A TECH CALL YOU HAVE TO SCHEDULED TWO ONE FOR ATT AND ONE FOR DIRECT TV AND THEY ARE NOT HAPPY NOT TO BE EQUIPPED TO WORK ON BOTH AND SOME DOES Not EVEN GET THE CORRECT REASON THEY WERE SENT BACK AND THEY HAVE TO CALL ATT AND MAKE A NEW SERVICES CALL AND THEN CHARGE YOU AND UNLIKE COX ATT/ DIRECT TV charges you for a service call that is due to their ill equipped merger and now I will be on the phone with the ATT commission in Baton Rouge yet again, someone is losing their union money and how can ATT EVEN Let A New CLIENT To BE BILLED WRONG AND HAVE SUCH A MOUNTAIN OF ISSUES AND WE HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN WITH THEM FOR 90 days, its a job on the clients end and one tech will come out and install equipment to fix issues and then a second one will come out and have to remove what the last tech did to get things right and working and then you find out due to ATT buying Direct TV nobody knows what the other one did and then the equipment that was installed has to be removed because it now the cause of yet another issue and you have to pay for it and your contact gets 2 months added by their mistake and one doesn't know what the other did, it's a huge poor service, terrible communication with both Direct TV and ATT AND I FIND OUT YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE BUT ATT WANTS TO KEEP YOU FROM IT BECAUSE THEY MAKE MORE MONEY IF THEY SELL YOU DIRECT TV AND ATT CELL PLAN FOR DIRECT TV CLIENTS IS A JOKE AND SAVES YOU NOTHING AND THE SERVES ARE NOT WORTH CALLING DAILY FOR LOST SINGLES , BUFFERING AND SLOW INTERNET SPEED AND CONSTANTLY BEING INTERRUPTED WITH A SLOW SPEED AND BUFFERING WHEN YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE HIGEST PLAN AND SPEED, DO NOT BELIVE ONE WORD FROM ATT AND DIRECT TV