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This question is about "ATT bad customer services", with DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. So on September 3, I went into a store and ordered ATT services, and wanted the ATT Uverse bundled with my internet and phone. Instead I received a directv bundle with att phone and internet services. Why because they told me that Uverse was not available to me. I asked them to send a technician to my house and tell me it was unavailable. They told me they would send a technician but only if I paid them $200, up front and nonrefundable. I refused to pay the $200 and they told me the only option was Directv. I was charged a one time charge of 135.27 for the directv services, and was told it was the taxes on the equipment.
I get my first bill and the 135.27 I paid was not on my bill anywhere. I called and asked about it and was told they knew nothing about it and never received the payment. I screenshot my bank statement showing Directv taking the money out of my account, and sent it via email to them. Was told I would be contacted by someone to follow up.
On October 6, still not being contacted by anyone, I called to see if they had found my money. I was shuffled around to about 6 different people and on the phone for over an hour just to be told they have no idea about the money in question. ATT filed a ticket to find the money.
Today October 19, I called to see if they found my money, and was told that Directv took the money for the equipment i was given. OK, Well when Directv came to install the dish for me, they did not put up a dish, they used a dish that had been on my roof for over 5 years.
They then changed the story to it was a downpayment for a Genie I am being billed for monthly.
I am so disappointed and frustrated with ATT that I want to cancel my services and if I do that they will Charge me with early termination fees for the Directv, that I NEVER WANTED TO BEGIN WITH, but was forced to get because I refused to pay ATT $200 to send a technician to my property to tell me that Uverse in not available to me, which is exactly what my neighbor has.

I have been full deceived by ATT and will never do any business with them again.
Good thing the Dish was free because I never receied one anyway.

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