ATT Retiree Directv Discount - DirecTV

In late Dec 2016 I noticed that on the the AT&T Employee and Retiree Discount Self-Service Site I am now able to select Directv to have the discount linked to my existing account and then applied. I was prett y happy to see this finally. I submitted for the discount which has now been applied. The basics of the discount package are free equipment for up to 4 TVs and a 20% discount off one of the tope 3 packages you choose. Funny thing is my premier package went from $145.99 to $144.80, not 20% by my math, the equipment charges were removed so my total MRC went down about $30. So I called to make sure my discount was applied for the premier package - they said it was and that the list price was $173.60 before discount. Nowhere can I find that price published. New customers off the street get it for $125 with free equipment for 4 TVs. VERY disappointed in the retiree discount. guess it is time to start changin carriers every 2 years.

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