ATT UVERSE Account Transfer - DirecTV

I have a ATT Uverse account with DirecTV and Internet Wireless that I transferred to my daughter's address. The packaged bundle will end with the $12 per month discount at the expiration date in 49 days. I want to transfer the account to them still at the service address.

I need NEED to know who and how I will need to contact ATT to make THIS transfer change of ownership, and for me to be off the account as of the expiration date for them to receive continued, uninterrupted service. I would hope this could be accomplished without any fuss or muss in paper work or with the existing equpment.

I NEED a contact phone number and email to validate any and all communication regarding this matter quickly and efficiently. As ATT has my phone number and account number are on record as well as the billing and service address I believe this transfer request can beaccomplised to everyones satifaction. I would hope that a package discount option would be available to them as an incetive for continuing the service and activated service to THEM at their residence.
ANYONE's help will be appreciated. David L Van de Ven Jr

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