About 2 1/2 months ago, my internet stopped working. I called for technical support who did some diagnostic testings. An hour later, the agent claimed that the modem was the culprit since it is old (had it for 3 years). He then said that he will send someone from At&T at my my house to check the cables and replace my modem. I was assured that there will be no charge for the modem replacement and the checking on my cables. After a month, I saw a fee for the modem, which I contested. I spoke to a Kevin who said that it was an error and took of the charges. I got my recent statement and again I see a fee for the modem. I called UVerse again and spoke to a Brian to tokk the charges off. I made sure that this will not occur again in my future statements. Brian said that he had to transfer me to a different department to make sure that there will be no more billing error for my future statement. I got transfered to a Jessie, who obviously was in sales department offering me different typle of internet plans. He went on and on ... i got firmed and said that I wasn't looking into changing my current internet plan and that, I just want the billing error problem resolved. He hang up on me. I called Uverse again and this time requested to talk only to a manager/supervisor ( was on hold for 40 minutes before the manager got on). The supervisor with a very heavy acccent that I can barely understand said that the modem fee couln't be reversed in the future. I was like....WHAT THE HECK!!!! It is totally unjust to charge me for a modem replacement if the old modem is not working!! Why pay for internet fees if it's not even working because of the modem? This is just one way of UVerse dirty tricks to switich to a different plan so they can make money of you!!! I am definetly switching service to a different internet provider. I HATE AT&T!!!!!!

This question, "ATT UVERSE DIRTY TRICKS!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.