Attaching an OTA Antenna to the old Directv Slimline J Mount

I cancelled my directv and would like to install an outdoor antenna. I purchased a Channel Master 2018 which would suit my needs perfectly. I'd like to attach it to the old directv jmount since it is sturdy and already up. It is for the directv slimline HD dish and has a 2" OD mast. The max width of the antenna U bolt/clamp is 1.5"

I'm not very technical when it comes to these matters. But I did find this old post from a year ago about the same subject.

Apparently I could purchase something called a "joiner" that is used in chain link fences? I searched the lowes website and I didn't see anything called a joiner listed. I only see fence posts which resemble masts. I'm looking for the simplest/cheapest way to do this.


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Go in person to Lowe's or Home depot, and go to the fencing section, you will find it there. It doesn't show online.

You may want to check and see if your antenna clamp fits the J-pipe without the joiner, I have installed a few antennas recently that had a larger u-bolt and they fit on the J-pipe without using the joiner.