In April 2017, DIRECTV installed a HS17 Genie 2 server (replaced the HR44 Genie). Since this was an upgrade of my service to 4K, they also installed the C61K-700 4K Genie Mini client on 3 of my Sony 4K TV's. Those 3 TV's now have 4K service. I have 3 additional HDTV's connected to the C41W-500 Mini Genie clients (non-4K).

The problem I'm having with all 3 of the C61K clients is frequent and intermittent audio cutout or dropout. When the problem starts, the sound is broken up as if the feed is being cut off 2-3 time per second. The temporary fix is to PAUSE the program for 2-3 seconds then PLAY. The problem occurs on live and recorded TV on any channel. It's not just 4K channels, but all channels. I believe the video is also cutting out, but it's not as noticeable since it's happening so fast. But the audio cutouts are so bad that you have to take action to fix it. The audio cutout problem is not occurring with the C41W clients.

DIRECTV sent a technician to the house in June. After the usual troubleshooting (checked equipment, dish, settings, etc.), the tech called his office and was told the audio problem is a systemic one with all HS17 servers and they are working on a software/firmware fix. So the problem was left unresolved. Then on 8/1/17, the HS17 software/firmware was updated automatically by internet download to the server. The old software version of the HS17 was 0xd12 and the new version is 0xd7f. The software/firmware version on the C41W mini genie clients remained the same, 0xa0a.

Unfortunately, the software/firmware update of the HS17 on 8/1/17 has not fixed the audio cutouts. The problem continues to occur frequently everyday. I've gone 5 months now with this problem and would like to know the current status of this issue. When will there be a resolution? Should I ask for the HR55 and give up the HS17 or wait and see what happens next?

This question, "AUDIO CUTS OUT WITH HS17 GENIE 2 SERVER AND C61K 4K MINI GENIE CLIENTS," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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