Audio cutting out for last 2 weeks



Over the past 2 weeks we have been having issues with our X1 box. The issue is that the audio cuts out for a couple seconds sporadically during live TV as well as on DVR recordings. Sometimes it will cut out 7 or 8 time during an hour show and other times it can happen 20-30 times. We have tried to reset the box a few times over the past weeks and that has not helped. We find that the audio cuts out are being recorded on the DVR as we can rewind a show and experience the same cutouts at the same times. This would indicated the issues is with the box itself versus our television.

The information about our X1 box is…

STB Version: PX013AN_4.6p5s1_PROD_sey

Release Version: 126.2.0

XRE Protocol Version: 2.8.0

Receiver Native Version: 4.6.0

Environment: h1c-2t

Anyone else run into this and if so was there a solution?

Thank you.

"Audio cutting out for last 2 weeks," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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