Audio menu issue - Receiver - DirecTV

Within the last two days, the audio option in the receiver menu seemed to stop working.
I have the audio set to OFF and i still get the annoying beeps when trying to forward the dvr or when i click a button multiple times.

I have reset the receiver. I have changed the option to low, and put it back to off.
Over the years, i would have this problem and changing the menu option from Off to Low and going back to Off would fix it.
Not anymore.

Also, i notice that when toggling between low, and high sound in the audio menu, the volume is the same.
In the past, the volume was definitely different for each option.

Is anyone else experiencing this change? These constant beeps are annoying and i cant make them stop.
Yes, i realize that the beeps are caused by the mashing of a key (right arrow to forward the dvr) - but it was not always like this

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