Question: Audio reception beat note problem


On several alternate programming channels I receive, there is an unpleasant audio beat in spite of good video reception and excellent a/v reception on the primary channels. Both 5.2 and 13.2, originating from Honolulu, HI have this beat which seems to be several hertz and gives the audio a sort of gargling quality, especially on musical passages. Other Stations are fine on both primary and alternate programs. I am 30-50 miles away from the transmitters across 25-30 miles of ocean. My location is at 350' above sea level with a clear view of Honolulu. I use a Channel Master CM-3679 beam with a CM-77 amplifier to supply sufficient signal to all my tuners. The problem persists if I bypass the amp and go straight into the Sony alone. My main TV is a 32" Sony Bravia LCD but I also view with my computers with a HDHomeRun Tuner/decoder network box and see the same problem. It doesn't matter if the HDHomeRun is on or off. Any ideas if this is my setup or the station's problem?




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With digital reception you can only receive it as it was broadcast. The content of the signal as seen by the viewer does not change unless the signal is degraded to the point the tuner cannot decode it. As you have already ruled out audio settings on a singular device, and its only affecting selected channels, it would appear to be a caused on the stations end.
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