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For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Audiovisual static "pops" on DVR playback? Anyone else experiencing this? We've been having an annoying issue for the past couple of months. By and large this is happening with HBO recordings more than any other. Any thoughts on whether this is a DVR issue, a satellite dish issue, a transmission issue or something else? I'll briefly describe the characteristics of the issue below. I've also took some video of the issue with my phone, so please take a look at the videos.


  • DVR: Genie 1 HD DVR
  • Model #: HR34-700
  • TV: HP Mediasmart LCD TV
  • DVR Connected to TV: Via HDMI Cable


  1. We set a recording for a series or individual episode
  2. The DVR records episode
  3. During playback, the episode is repeatedly interrupted by what I'd describe as brief audiovisual static "pops". The video will flash (sometimes to black, sometimes to white) and other times the image remains but white "static" lines briefly appear. The audio drops out completely during these static pops. Sometimes these brief cut-outs are accompanied by a loud, brief popping noise.
  4. Interestingly, when we pause the episode, we also get a loud audio visual static pop, though it's not exactly like the one that happens when the episode plays.


  1. To the best of my knowledge this is only happening with HBO recordings. I'm not 100% on that, so if I find it happening with recordings from another network, I will update this post. We record a lot of HBO shows. I'd say it happens on maybe 2 out of 10 recordings.
  2. We never experience this audio visual static popping when watching live TV. Though, to be fair, we are rarely watching HBO programs live - almost always off the DVR.
  3. You can watch a recorded program for as long as 20, 30, 40 minutes before this issue arises.
  4. Current solution: delete the recording and dowload the same episode again from On Demand. This is usually fine, though, occassionally, the On Demand ep has the same issue, but I think that's partly because "On Demand" changed in the last year or two to simply being an archive of an actual recording of a live airing. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  5. The example below is from a recording of the first episode of 'Westworld'. It was recorded on my iPhone so the sound isn't quite representative - when coming out of our speakers, the sound of the static pops is much more abbrassive, louder, deeper.
  6. Yes, all cables are plugged in properly. Yes, tried shutting down/rebooting DVR.
  7. Not sure how weather patterns affect DirecTV, but it may be worth noting we're in San Diego where we rarely have inclement weather.

VIDEO LINKS (check 'em out, turn up your volume):

Video #1: Static "Pop" when video PLAYING

Video #2: Static "Pop" when video PAUSED

So, anyone experiecing this? Did you find a solution?


Same static problem

I have same issue when recordings are paused; doesn't happen while shows are playing. Think it's more than HBO and includes paused live programming for me.


Popping sounds when paused

Same issue here as well. Recently starting making random popping/static sounds when dvr (hr44) is paused. I've had same setup for 2 years with no issues and this just started happening in last month. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Same here, all of a sudden started happening, only when ever is paused. Nothing has been changed recently as far as tv/audio setup.


Loud snap sound too

I've got the same deal, loud periodic snap sound when playback is paused. No issues when playing, only paused live or prerecorded playback. No identifiable timing to it. Can be multiple snaps in succession or a couple minutes in between snaps.


Eric - Authorized DirecTV Representative

Having the same issue here, model HR54-500
Issue only happens when paused, any channel or program. As a representative of the company, I will update this forum as I get in touch with my support team


Is there a resolution?

Any update on this? I am having the same problem with popping when paused (live tv and recordings both). Wondering why and if the genie is going bad. Don't want to lose my recordings.


Audiovisual clicking and popping

I contacted directv this morning to request an exchange for my genie receiver due to the loud clicking or popping noise from my television when in pause mode. Only to be informed that they have no record of any issues with the genie receiver having this issue. Needless to say i am very upset. I have been with directv since we purchased our home. Directv will not exchange my receiver!


Since the symptom also occurs while paused, that eliminates it being a satellite problem and leaves a problem with the receiver or your TV.

Have you tried a different TV to see if the problem still occurs?

About the only thing different about an HBO broadcast is possible HDCP.

Perhaps there is a bug in the receiver software that causes intermittent HDCP failures and reconnections on HBO.

Truly strange.

If all who seem to have reported the problem here would call DirecTV and report ot several times perhaps you could get their attention.

As you may guess CSRs rarely know anything about the systems they support, they just read a script that follows a symptom tree.