"Auto Extend Enabled" not working properly - XFinity

"Auto Extend Enabled" wasn't showing up as available for the World Series games, although it worked fine on the division playoffs. I originally set all the World Series games to add an extra hour and a half to the end time.That worked for Game 1, and I just ended the recording at the end of the game, rather than recording the local news at the end.

For Game 2 of the series, "auto extend" finally showed as available. I set it and the special symbol showed on the guide, the recording started and the game started. The game ran long, and the recording stopped at the original end time--more than two innings before the game ended. (The game is now more than 45 minutes past the official end time, and they're only in the bottom of the 8th.)

Games 3-5 are showing as scheduled to record with the extra 90 minutes on the end because auto extend still isn't showing as available for those games.

What gives? Is there any way to trigger AEE when it's not showing up for a live event. And is there any way to make it work--or to confirm that it's actually going to work when the settings say it will (because if I'd left the original extra 90 minutes on the setting, I wouldn't have lost the end of the game)?

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