Auto Prepare and how it works - DirecTV

When I set the auto prepare in the directv app, does it essentially send a signal to the Genie hdr to auto prepare everything in the playlist? Once set will it always stay on, or will it reset? When a show is recorded and the auto prepare is set, does it prepare it while recording or does it prepare it after it has completed the recording?

I'm not seeing that my playlist shows are auto prepared. If it auto prepares after it records then there would be some time taken for it to finish. I'd actually like some indication that a show on my playlist is already prepared such that I know I can download it to my iPad in just a minute or two. Is there any indication a show is auto prepared? Any way to tell other than just attempting to download it?

This question, "Auto Prepare and how it works," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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