Auto Prepare not preparing - DirecTV

Can you please explain what is required in order for the auto prepare to function? I have it turned on in my iPad app, and it has been turned on for at least two weeks. I know it takes a long time to prepare files, but I thought a couple weeks would be enough for get everything prepared. I tried downloading some shows that were on my DVR last night, and nothing was prepared. I selected some shows and they just sat there in the downloading queue with a message about waiting to prepare.

Is there a way to see in the DVR playlist either on the TV or through the app which episodes are prepared and which aren't?

I've only ever successfully downloaded one single episode of one show. This was a one hour program. I waited for the one episode to prepare, and then downloaded it the next morning.

This question, "Auto Prepare not preparing," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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