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I have never been able to watch live content with the app. I own my own cable modem instead of renting the one from Comcast. It seems that, because of this, Comcast cannot tell that I am "on my home WIFI" so all live programs have the "Watch" option grayed out. My wireless router is seperate from the cable modem.

Is there any way to "register" my home WIFI SSID with Comcast so I can actually use this feature? Obviously, my cable modem's MAC address is registered on Comcast's network (or I wouldn't have Internet access at all). I can watch live TV on the rest of the (ethernet connected) computers in the house...just not with the app on wireless.

Sorry, but if the answer is, "No, in order to do that, you have to rent our modem" then it simply isn't worth it to me. But if that is the case, you may want to add a disclaimer to the app noting that live TV isn't possible when using customer owned modems.

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